How To Become A Good Role Model To Upcoming Generations

Who Is A Role Model?
Who Is A Role Model

It is obvious you have heard many people talked about a role model, but do you know what it takes to be a role model?

Do you even know who is a role model and his/her importance to your existence on earth? If yes, then there is a need to know the qualities you should consider before choosing a role model for yourself.

And if you belong to the group of people who don’t know what the term stands for, you shouldn’t feel bad about it because we are set to start this article from your angle.

Who Is a Role Model

Is there anyone you admire so much? Someone you love his way of life and you desire to follow his footsteps?

Okay, let me put it this way — Is there a successful individual you rate very high and you love to attain his level of greatness by imitating his actions and lifestyle? If yes, then that kind of person is a your Role Model.

For the sake of our readers who want a very simple and comprehensive meaning of a role model, let’s provide an official meaning for it.

We define a role model as someone whose path many young people loves to follow. In other words, a role model is someone who is having a very positive influence on upcoming generation.

He is someone who has all it takes to inspire and lead upcoming or inexperienced generations to (a higher or) the same level of greatness she’s already attained.

Simply say that a role model is someone who can influence others through his or her own lifestyle.

How To Become A Good Role Model To Upcoming Generations

Contrary to a popular belief that you must be successful before you can be referred to as role Model, being a famous and popular figure in the society doesn’t make you a role model.

Becoming a celebrity isn’t one of the compulsory and mandatory traits a role model must possess; although, it will add more value to your overall portfolio in the long run.

Then, how can you become a role model to upcoming generations? The answer is simple — You have to develop characters that can be emulated by the young one.

Some of these behaviors or characteristics include the following:

1. High Confidence And Impressive Leadership Skills

One of the greatest and strongest attributes of a role model is the ability to believe in himself and potentials.

To become a role model, you are to believe that there’s nothing you can’t achieve or places you can’t reach.

In the same vein, you must display laudable leadership skills. You should be able to speak for yourself and others.

Do not hesitate to praise people as at when due. Chastise anyone in the appropriate manner, and do not forget to motivate people who are doing everything possible to go beyond their limit.

2. Uniqueness

A Role model isn’t known for his urge to be an ordinary member of the pack, No! He tries to stand out from the crowd.

He never stopped trying new adventures and the urge to go beyond the limit always remain intact and intensified.

Though he is happy and contend with his present achievements, a role model always strive to attain new heights.

You too should/must possess this attitude if you must be a pacesetter to upcoming generations.

You shouldn’t be discouraged by people’s comments and opinions about you.

Be happy with who you are but never forget that there are numerous rooms for improvements.

3. Good Communicating Skills

A role model isn’t afraid to speak his mind; share his thoughts and opinions with others; and advise people whenever there are needs for that.

You should be willing to explain some of your moves to people you consider as close pals or relatives.

4. Humility

Humility is one character that everyone is expected to possess if we all want to progress in life.

You should be humble enough to welcome everyone with an open mind and arms whenever they come for advice.

In the same vein, don’t ever see yourself too big to learn from others.

“Irrespective of how much you know, there is someone who is always ahead of you in the brilliancy race”

Irrespective of your achievements and successes in life, it is mandatory you humble yourself and respect other people’s opinions and feelings.

Don’t be that kind of person who is too rude to honor the elderly ones, their experience can’t be purchased for any amount.

However, do not let your humility turn out to be your weakness. You shouldn’t joke with your self-esteem because there is a great difference between humility and self-esteem.

“There is a difference between high self-esteem and pride. Until you value yourself, you can’t know your worth”

5. Accept Your Imperfections

Being a positive influencer  doesn’t make you faultless or perfect in all ramifications.

This means you are expected to accept the fact that you could make some silly mistakes at times.

Hence, it is imperative you to admit your errors, apologize and learn from it.

This doesn’t make you weak; instead, you would be seen as someone who is more than willing to be perfect in all things.

6. Integrity

Nothing exalt a man than being truthful to himself and people around him. Everyone loves to relate with someone who says things the way they are.

Let your “yes” be yes and “no” be no…. No one wants to make liars his/her role model.


Having said all of that, let me leave you by saying that: ” ‘role model’ is a tittle that is naturally attached to a winner who does the right thing at the right time.”

When you achieve a set goal at the set time without deploying crooked methods, then it is natural young people will look up to you for inspiration.

In short, your first mission should be the desire and urge to become a better version of yourself.

Give all you have to achieve your set dreams and aspirations, and men will imitate your lifestyle — It’s that simple!

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