Six Ways To Know A True And Genuine Friend

How To Know A True and Genuine Friend
How To Know A True and Genuine Friend

Have you ever ask yourself what’s the difference between a true friend and a pretending follower who is more concerned about you possessions?

Let me ask you who is a true friend? What are the criteria that make up a true friend? Are you in the midst of people who can be classified as good friends?

There are so many questions up there that must be answered before you can be able to point out who is really a true friend among the group of individuals known as your intimate pals.

Interestingly and luckily, we are more than willing to provide the complete help you need to uncover the true nature of friends who are only available to wine and dine with you during good times but will disappear when things become slightly difficult for you.

In this lovely write-up, we shall be unveiling the top six qualities of a true friend who deserve your complete trust and loyalty.

We believe this will go a long way in helping you discover who should retain and who should let go. Having said all of that, let’s get down to business!

1. They Comfort You In Times Of Tribulations

Life isn’t always going to be smooth and easy. In fact, it will be filled with ups and downs.

Nonetheless, true friends will always be right by your side during the ugly days of your life.

They will realize that you need someone to sheer and comfort you during the dark days and they will be ready to offer all they can to help you get out of tribulations as soon as possible.

This kinds of friends are very rare because they aren’t just around to benefit from your materials but to share in your pains and grief even if it means passing through hell with you.

2. They Tell You The Bitter Truth

Like it or not, a friend who loves to play to the gallery of your mind at all time isn’t a true to you.

Someone who isn’t courageous enough to tell you the truth when you are wrong shouldn’t be regarded as your friend.

A true friend will look straight into your eyes and tell you “You are at fault” or “You shouldn’t have done that”

This kind of person will tell you the truth at the expense of the friendship ties.

3. They Create Time For You

How can you call someone your friend and he or she doesn’t find time for you.

Understandably, everyone has a tight or busy schedule, but that isn’t enough reason to forget you completely.

True friends will create time for you. They message frequently; call you and try to visit you whenever there is a slight opportunity to do so.

They never joke with the bond existing between you two, and they would do everything possible to make it stronger than ever.

4. They Motivate You To Go Beyond Your Limit

Another way to know true friends is through their words of encouragement and motivation.

As much as it isn’t everyone who has what it takes to come up with encouraging words, true friends will ensure they find a perfect way to motivate you.

They will encourage and at the same time push you out of your comfort zone in order to reach your goals in life — even if it means surpassing them.

5. They Genuinely Celebrate Your Achievements

Though celebrating your success is mostly done by friends, but you would agree with me that true friends have special ways of celebrating your successes and achievements.

They may not celebrate it in the grandest way, but their reactions and behaviors will tell how much they are happy with your latest laudable feat.

6. They Are Happy Being Your Friends Irrespective Of Your Flaws

Good friends always love you for who you are. They accept your flaws and help you get better in due time.

They help you retain and improve your positive traits in order to become a better version of yourself.

Though this doesn’t mean there won’t be a moment of disagreement between you guys, but be rest assured good friends will always make a reconciliation move ASAP!


Is there any questions you would love to ask regarding friendship and other forms of relationships?

Feel free to paste it in the comments section below and we’ll certainly attend to it in due time.

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