How To Make Money From Home: Five of Five

If you have been exploring this site for a while, you would notice that we have been unveiling the best five ways to make money from home without stress or hassles.

We have unearthed three ways to get rich right from the comfort of your home, but we are not stopping until we make it five.

As promised while unveiling the third method in our previous article, we have come with the fourth and fifth ways to hit the wealthy jackpot irrespective of the location you found yourself.

The fourth way is no other than:

* Selling Your Fairly Used Clothes

What’s the essence of keeping clothes you hardly wear? It is high time you put them up for sale in order to generate a considerable amount of money.

However, you must consider some factors before deciding on which of the clothes you desire to let go. The top five factors you should consider before selling your fairly-used clothes include the following:

* Neatness/ Attractiveness: You must ensure they are still marketable. They shouldn’t be too old or fade.

They should be clothes you haven’t worn beyond three occasions.

They should be gorgeous enough to attract quite a large number of buyers.

* Financial Worth: Don’t be too keen on making extreme profits from them.

Knowing at the back of your mind that the clothes are fairly used, it is advisable you place very affordable price tags.

* Where To Sell Them : You could be asking yourself “where is the place to sell used stuff?” or which store can I sell my used clothes.

Luckily, there are stores where you can sell your used stuffs for cash, including clothes.

This is why you should take your time to review all the available options before settling for one.

The top five stores where you can sell your used clothes and make money from home without stress include  the following

* Facebook Market

* ASOS Marketplace

* eBay

* Vinted

* Depop

You are advised to click on any of the online stores above to kickstart your transactions.

Meanwhile, you can explore many other stores that encourage this kind of transaction by clicking here.

Choose the one that offers the best deal and convert your used or inactive clothes to another source of income.

5. Become An Online Teacher

One of the positive side of Covid-19 pandemic is that it improves the fame of virtual learning as it left many people with no option but to engage in online classes.

This is to tell you that there is no better time to become an online teacher than NOW!

Many parents and guidance are more than willing to get a computer system for their children in order to enhance chances of attending class virtually.

You too should explore the undeniable advantage of the deadly health crisis by creating your own online classrooms for children.

With the tremendous advancement in science and technology, it is believed that e-learning industry will grow $325 billion in 2025.

This should tell you that a time will come when average individuals will be able to afford online classes. It, is therefore, important you start earning from home by dishing out information to a group of students right from your sitting room.

It is possible you don’t know how to start an online class that will help you make money from home  or you are probably asking “how do I create my own online class?” , we will surely help you out on this.

Step-By-Step Guide On How Create Your Own Online Class

1. Know Yourself And Your Passionate Course: To become a successful online tutor, you need to know yourself and your potential. Do you have what it takes to be teaching live on student’s screen?

Knowing yourself also includes being able to discover the course you love and can teach very well because that’s where your major focus will be.

Many people will charge you to go for a course that has high demands among students which is right, but do not compromise your area of strength while making a decision.

2. . Establish a very compelling
learning outcomes for yourself

3. Source for quality course content. This can be done through intense research both online and offline.

4. Create a suitable course
plan or schedule

5. Come up with a unique teaching strategy that will help your students understand your lectures in no time

6. Get sophisticated filming and recording tools for your class.

7. Setup a price tag for your classes

8. Record your first lecture and support feedback to know what your students think of it.

9. Publicize your work via social media for more clients/students.

You are advised to click here for a full-detailed step-by-step guide on how to create your online class


We have finally come to the end of the series of how to make money from home, and we believe you now know some of the profitable business you can do even without stepping out of your doorstep.

In case you have any question or comments over all we discussed throughout the series, feel free to paste them in the comments section below.

We will definitely do justice to them ASAP! Meanwhile, you can check my write-up on the best five ways to improve your productivity in 2020.

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