One Major Reason Why You Must ‘Lose Your Life’ To Be Successful

How to be successful in life

If someone tells you that life is easy and it’s a place where you can make it without working hard — my friend, that’s a great lie!

Yes, some people might open their eyes and found themselves in a wealthy home and they never struggle before getting what they wanted.

These set of people will tell you that life is nothing but a place where you don’t have to pass through a lot before making a name for yourself.

Yes, they might be right because of the luxury they enjoy while growing up.

They might be right because they don’t have to toil the ground before seeing what to eat.

Yes, they might be right because everything they needed get to them as soon as they put a call through to their parents.

But before you believe their counsel, go ask their parents how they managed to amass the wealth they are enjoying today. They will tell you “success is not achieved overnight”

Their parent would tell you that it takes determination, commitment and perseverance to make it in life.

Then, the question is: who will you follow – parents or their children?

With what I have experienced in my little existence on earth, I can tell you that life isn’t a space where you wake up and wait for things to fall in place.

You have got to go extra miles towards achieving your goals before you can be regarded as a champion.

You’ve got to leave your comfort zone and try new things before you can really hit the jackpot of success.

If you do simple things, your life will be hard. But if you do hard things, your life will be easy and smooth”

Many of us want to be role model to upcoming generations but only few of us is ready to pay the price of determination and consistency.

We forget that nothing great comes out of our life on earth until we are consistent in what we know how to do best.

Life isn’t all about rice and beans. It is about dealing with the physical, spiritual, or psychological forces whose mission is to stop you from fulfilling your God-given purpose.

Talking of God-given purpose, majority of us didn’t even know what we are called to do in life.

Most of us live a life without direction, mission and desire to become something great because we don’t even know why we are on earth in the first place.

Let me not spend too much time on how to discover your purpose in life today. I will do justice to that some other time.

Meanwhile, you can pay a very quick visit to our colleague at Greater Good to see six ways to discover your purpose for living.

Life is a lecturer that has a very hard teaching approach or teaching strategy known as experience.

Unfortunately, many people are yet to learn from this great teacher despite undergoing many of its courses.

This set of people end up repeating the same mistakes and errors time and time again.

Let me say this to you, I am not here to sound as Mr. perfect that has a perfect lifestyle because everyone has his or her flaws.

I am here to let you know that until you see life as a place where you need to be the best in what you do, you can’t be a role model to this generation and the unborn kids.

Navigating Your Way through Life

Navigating your way through life can be very tough and challenging because you will first ‘lose your life before you can have it.’

Losing your life simply means stopping yourself from engaging in some pleasure-seeking assignments because there is level of greatness you wish to achieve in the nearest future.

It equally means preventing yourself from taking a shortcut to success which often backfires in the long run.

Once you are able to deny yourself of all the unhealthy lifestyle to remain focus and dedicated in your desire to be great, it will get to a point where you will reap the reward of your self-denial.

At this point, you will be one of the greatest icons in the world. This is when you can say that you successfully find your life back.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets to this point during their existence on earth.

Most people gave up when they were very close, while others don’t even have all it takes to deny themselves.

Top Five Attitudes You Must Possess To Be Great In Life

There are some very crucial attitudes you must portrait if you must reach this point in your life. they include:

* Self control and discipline

* Determination and strong willpower to succeed

* Prayer and fasting because nothing happens outside the spirit.

* Desire and willingness to learn from failures

* Investment and wise-spending attitude.


I guess I have said enough, life isn’t a place where you should joke with time.

You should know that productivity is not all about making money but becoming the person of your dream by doing the right thing at the right time.

The person whom upcoming generations will see a role model and someone who deserves respect and love.

Don’t be obsessed with anyone’s achievements; instead, let their achievements and success story be your source of inspiration.

One day, you will wake up and say: “This life is good because I gave it all it requires to smile back at me”

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