Dream Or Wish: The Best One You Must Possess To Succeed In Life

I have heard many say “I dream of becoming a lawyer in the future.”

Likewise, I have heard another set of people say “I wish to become a lawyer in few years time.”

Let’s take a good look at the two groups above; they both have the desire to become lawyer in the future but only one group stand a better chance of achieving the target.

Who is the group with better chances of reaching their goal and why? What does it mean to dream and to wish? Is there any difference between the two terms?

All of these questions will be answered accurately later in this article as we shall be discussing all the things you should know about dream and wish.

Therefore, you are advised to read with total concentration and urge to learn one or two facts that will make you succeed in your desire to becoming a better version of yourself.

Who Is The Person With The Better Chance Of Reaching His Goal?

Though wish and dream share some similarities, don’t be surprised to hear that the two words are slightly different in meaning.

People who ‘wish’ often say things they desire without putting in all the required efforts needed to achieve what they hope to get.

This is why most wishes don’t come to reality for many people who don’t have the complete urge and determination to achieve them.

The person who dreamt of becoming a lawyer doesn’t stop at a mere declaration of desire.

Instead, he summons courage; develops the right attitude and pursue his dream with total concentration.

Anyone who falls into the group of dreamer doesn’t wait for things to turn out the way he wishes, but goes out to make things work out the way he wants for her life.

Differences Between Dream And Wish?

I think there is a need to define dream and wish at this point.

Dream simply means the massive and strong desire to become a better person within a stipulated period of time.

It is what motivates you to give all you’ve got in order to achieve your set targets.

It encourages you to have a list of short-term goals that must be achieved for you to become the person you love.

A dream should be able to provide you with all the mental strength, willpower, courage and determination that will make you realize it.

On the other hand, Wish is just an ordinary proclamation of things you would love to have in the nearest future.

Wish is what you desire to possess or become without trying to make it happen.

It is more or less like remaining at a point hoping for event to turn out in a favorable way.

Wish keeps you thinking of what you can achieve in life but isn’t strong enough to provide you the traits required to chase after what you desire.

Wish only makes you dream big but doesn’t gives you the urge and determination to take the first step.

Sometimes, wishes are products of irrelevant factors, including jealousy, people’s opinion, that have no power to motivate and inspire you to take the needed action.

In some other instances, People who wish that things happened often regret their inability to take the first step when it mattered most.

They would say: ‘I wish I had done it before now,’ or ‘I wish I can turn back the hand of time’


Which of the groups do you belong to? Are you still wishing for things to change without taking any step?

Oh! You still wish coronavirus pandemic hasn’t affected your job and source of livelihood? This is the reality we all find ourselves.

This isn’t the time to wish that things happen without taking the first step.

This is the best time to take action towards achieving your dream —if you have one.

Meanwhile, it is not enough to dream but always ensure that your dream is strong enough to motivate you.

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