Ten Ways To Succeed As Student

It is every student’s desire to be one of the best in his or her department considering the fame and pride attached to it. Unfortunately, this is almost impossible because all students can’t be the best at the same time. This is because level of understanding; determination and the desire to learn vary from one scholar to another. The three factors above are the major reasons why only the prepared and hardworking students have what it takes to be force to reckon with when it comes to academic excellence. However, the fact that everyone can’t be the best student in a field of study doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to be the best in all your academic programs. You should be willing and ready to be among the most brilliant and knowledgeable individuals in your department irrespective of the situation you find yourself. You should know by now that we won’t challenge you without providing you with some important clues that will help you become the best in your endeavors. Hence, we have come up with top 10 steps you must take to be successful in academics. They are discussed extensively below:

1. Get Organized

The first thing you must do to be successful in your academics is to very organized and disciplined. Know the right things to do and when to do them. This will help you utilize your time in a way that will support your study life. In short, you must learn to do the right thing at the right time.

2. Avoid Multi-tasking

You might have lots of things to settle before going to lecture room and you are thinking of undertaking three things at a time. Sorry to disappoint you, things don’t work out that way. You have got to settle them one after the other. Don’t end up being a jack of all trades, master of none. The bottom line is learn to take one step at a time… There’s always tomorrow.

3. Don’t Over Study

Reading isn’t what you can do in a day if you really want to understand all you read. You shouldn’t stress or harm your brain because you wish to study for long period of time. Take a break from studying as soon as you get tired. Have a suitable reading time table that will give room for rest and relaxation. The bottom line is ensuring you study but don’t do it for a lengthy period — take a break after two hours of intensive reading.

4. Sleep As At When Due

The fact that you want to succeed in your academic doesn’t mean you should prevent yourself from sleeping. As much as we believe eight hours sleep is a bit longer for determined students, you should have at least seven hours night rest each day. Adequate sleep helps in enhancing your reasoning and memory capacity. Hence, don’t joke with it. If you must wake up to read in the middle of the night which is advisable, you must make up for the lost time by sleeping (even if it’s two hours) during the day. In summary, sleep is a factor that can mar your hopes of being a successful student if not properly managed.

5. Create A Personal Schedule That Suits You

Are you a student who is engaged in some after-work activities? Then, you should create a schedule that suits your hectic activities. Do you have class in the morning? Do you get exhausted after class, can you cope with studies and after-school activities? All of these questions should be rightfully answered while creating your schedule.

6. Jot Something During Lectures

As student who is keen on becoming the best in his or her class, you are advised to have a jotter where important points are noted during classes. Some lecturers, are fond of bringing questions from points that are not in handouts but were only discussed during lectures. This is why you should endeavor to have a short note where you input all important points that many students often overlook. That’s what distinguishes you from the rest. In a nut shell, you must be attentive during lectures in order to be able to note some important points because it is easier and faster to read jotted notes than a whole textbook before exams.

7. Study To Understand

What many students do is cramming rather than reading to understand. Though students who cram prior to exams do come out with flying colors, it is advisable to read and understand every bit of your textbook. Most lecturers hate student’s word-for-word approach to solving questions. Therefore, learn to read to understand so that you will be prepared to tackle questions using your own understanding. Meanwhile, reading starts right from your first day in school. Do not wait until exams or texts period before opening your book to study. The bottom line is to avoid cramming, read always and read to understand.

8. Find a Perfect and Conducive Study Environment

Reading in a noisy environment is never an option because you will be distracted. Studying in front of your siblings who are viewing an interesting movie is equally not advisable as you are prone to disturbance. Find a very quiet, comfortable and conducive place to read your textbooks and other school materials. School Library and your bedroom are recommended as long as they suit your taste.

9. Ask Questions

You should ask questions to know more. The more you ask; the more you know new things. Do not hesitate to ask questions but make sure your questions are relevant and important. Don’t be too proud to ask questions from your friends who know more than you do.

10. Join Study Group To Enhance Your Knowledge

Join a group of serious-minded students who are willing to reteach themselves by going through lecturers’ teaching materials. Lastly, remain humble to share what you know with your friends because they also need a helping hand. This will help you improve in your studies because the more you teach other students, the better you become. Conclusion It is our believe that every student has all it takes to succeed in their field of study. As much as some individuals are born genius, every students have equal chances of being a guru in school. You just need to apply the discussed points in your day-to-day lifestyle and you are good to go! Is there other points you wish to add to the ones above? Feel free to share them in the comment box below. Ibukun Italoye

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