Coronavirus Pandemic: Top Three Lessons That Can Change Your Life Forever

It is no doubt that the world is facing its most difficult challenge in history as it continue to fight the spread of the coronavirus which has killed thousands of lives.

The most pandemic feature of the virus is that it knows no bound as it has managed to spread to all nooks and crannies of the earth.

But what is corona virus and how did it became a crisis that has been able to bring the world to an indefinite halt?

How it became the Greatest Threat to Human Health

It all started from china, one of the world’s most powerful countries, 0n the 31st of December 2019 in the city of Wuhan.

It was discovered during the country’s New Year festival which is often characterized by a very intense travel rush as they find their way back to their respective homes to celebrate the festival with their families and relatives.

At first, the coronavirus was seen as a threat to just the People’s Republic of China as there was no case in any other country of the world.

Unfortunately for the people of Wuhan, the many people have been infected with the disease as a result of the travel rush, but it wasn’t discovered until they began to show symptoms after 14 days of incubation.

This led to the massive spread of the virus throughout the city and other parts of the country.

Doing everything within his power to curb the spread of the disease, Chinese president Xi Jiping ordered the total shutdown of the city as it was discovered that the virus is highly contagious and highly transmittable.

As a fact matter of fact, the disease was so contagious that the number of infected Chinese increased from five to 200 in just 20 days (according to Aljazeera).

This equally forced the Chinese government into shutting down major cities in the country in order to contain the virus in no time.

Unfortunately, china’s mission and desire to curb the spread of the disease was fruitless as neighboring country, Japan, recorded her first case on the 16th of January.

The disease continued to spread at an alarming speed as it moves from borders of one country to another country until it got to almost all countries of the world.

Top Life-changing Lessons from the Deadly Disease

Though all countries are feeling the negative impacts of the pandemic disease, it has opened our minds to some of unraveled lessons that can change your life. Covid-19 has made us realize some few situations, which are discussed below:

1. Internet is a money-making platform if properly utilized

During the outbreak, many workers were laid off while many people were made to work from in order to curb the spread of the virus.

Workers whose jobs are internet-related were only able to retain their jobs as they could continue working from home as long as there was an awesome internet service.

The most important lesson learnt from the coronavirus is that the internet can never be useless as it serves as a great platform to make money if you make perfect use of it.

Just as mentioned earlier, the world is evolving, it is time you have an online job that will serve as an alternative job or source of income, should there be any unexpected situation that could invoke the “stay-at-home” order.

2. The World is Super Connected

It began from China and ends in Africa. This is to tell you that the world is a very small space connected together.

We are now battling one disease; we share the same dream of combating the virus, and we hope to have victory at the same time.

All countries of the world face the same challenge as everyone is made to remain indoors until further notice.

We all pray for one thing and countries shut their borders in order to avoid the spread of the human enemy.

The lesson learnt from this point is that there is no need for racism as we have realized that a single situation can lead to the downfall of human race irrespective of your skin color, location or technological advancement.

3. There Is a Need To Be Cautious of What we Consume

The history of the corona virus could be traced to animal as it is confirmed that the consumption of bat and other infected creatures transferred the disease into human system.

Going forward, the Chinese and everyone must have learned their lessons by being very careful of the wild we eat regularly.

Apart from making sure that we consume healthy livestock or wild animals, we are expected to ensure that we consume good food, and keeping fit at all times.

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