Top Five Life-changing Questions you must Answer to Succeed

There are many people who want to succeed in life but have you really ask yourself why only few of them eventually achieve this dream?

In most cases, only two out of 10 people successfully realized their dreams of becoming a well-known philanthropists, rich man or a role model.

The remaining eight individuals neither achieve their dreams of being rich nor become better people in life.

The question is — why is this so? why do most people fail to reach their goals and ambition despite their bright background or wonderful potentials they portrait while growing up?

Having considered so many possible factors and conditions, Perfect Life’s Ibukun Italoye has come up with five questions you must answer before you can achieve your dream of becoming a wealthy individual in life.

I hope you read this write-up with total concentration and be truthful to yourself while providing answers to the questions.

1. Who am I?

This is the first question you should ask yourself if you really want to go far in achieving your goals in life.

There are more to this question than the obvious three words because it consists of everything that has to do with you.

Providing answer to his question requires you to know who you are — not just your name, family or location, but everything you must know about yourself including your potentials, quality, self-esteem and attitude.

2. What Is My God-given purpose on earth?

Like it or not, everyone has at least one purpose or mission to accomplish on earth. It is now left to you to find what you mission really is.

What is it you really love to do? What do you easily do without stress or any problem?

What is it that you love doing not because of the financial benefits attached to it?

Your mission might just be right in what you love to do — you just need to find a way to develop it so much that the world will see.

“knowing and developing your skills or talents is the first and best step to discover your purpose in life” — Italoye Ibukun

3. How Can I Develop My Skills or Potentials in order to Accomplish My Mission In Life?

Having discovered your talents and potentials, you should try everything to develop it and take it to the best possible level. How can you develop your skill or potentials?

Here is a quick list of steps you must take if you must improve your talents

* Find a platform to showcase your talents as that will enhance your chances of being noticed by the many potential helpers or clients.

* Have an inspiring role model and mentor who will guide you at all times.

* Try to learn new important and helpful facts about your skills from your role model

* Explore your potential more often in order to develop it speedily. Let me simply say that consistency is key to success.

* Always welcome feedbacks about your actions and projects. This help you know when and where to improve

4. Is There Fulfillment In What I’m Doing?

Most people often end up investing in business or career they aren’t destined to do which is one if the reasons why they find no fulfillment, joy and profit in it.

Therefore, it is extremely crucial you checkmate your career, business and other endeavors on a daily basis to see if you see any reason why you should continue with it or dump it.

Don’t get me wrong, there are trying times when things didn’t just work out as planned but you should know that there is an encouraging mood attached to doing what you love even if things are not working fine.

5. What Have I Achieved and I’m Still I on Track?

The last question is aimed at helping you take a good look at how far you have gone in your desire to be great in life.

What you have achieved so far and how has the journey been —easy or tough?

Try to number your achievements and see if they are encouraging. Don’t be too hard on yourself if your achievements haven’t gotten to the stage you expect, just keep working steadily and consistently.

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