Three Things You Can Do To Change Your Fortune In 2020

It is a new month and it’s great to see you in the month in which the world so much want to see new turn of events after very turbulent five months as a result of the coronaviruse pandemic.

The world is still not completely secure from the threat posed by the deadly disease, although, some schools and economies are beginning to reopen in some countries after few months of lockdown.

Having said that, what are the top three things you must do in June to succeed amid the deadly and fast-spreading coronavirus? Perfectlife’s Ibukun Italoye has a clue to share with you.

1. Do not compromise your wellbeing for anything… Stay Safe

Health is wealth, as it is often said, and you must do everything possible to remain healthy irrespective of the situation we currently find ourselves.

Judging by the fact that over 300,000 people have lost their lives since the outbreak of the deadly disease, it is extremely important you stay safe by ensuring the following the guidelines postulated or revealed by the World Health Organization and other health practitioners.

Wash your hands frequently; stay home to avoid the spread of the virus, the use of nose masks is mandatory etc.

2. You must be productive

In case you need anyone to remind you, the first five months of the year had just gone without achieving anything meaningful because you remain indoors all through doing nothing.

This is the sixth month and I believe you don’t want to misuse it just like every other previous month.

Yes, we are told to stay at home if we have nothing doing outside, but there are many things you can carry out virtually right there in your room.

As a student, you can engage yourself in online courses to keep your brain and fresh ready for school.

Explore Udemy, visit Cosera, register with Tutor room and get started in no time.

The best part of it is that some of the online learning platforms are free and are easily accessible.

Business owners can explore the internet as there are thousands of online businesses thriving despite the economy meltdown.

You too should make your business available and accessible on the internet. Trust me, you won’t regret your decision .

Learn new handwork and build yourself up as an entrepreneur.

Why not learn how to become a fashion designer or other handwork(s)instead of watching unnecessary and unhelpful funny skits on YouTube

All that matters is that you find a way to explore this current situation to your advantage.

3. Spend Quality Time With God

This is the best period to have a great relationship with God as you now have more time to read the Bible (or Quran) and meditate on the word of God.

Spend quality time in prayers, read God’s word and do all that you have read. In case you don’t know:

“The more of God you know, determines the level of grace and favor you carry, which will translate to the level of success and speed you will enjoy in life“ – Ibukun Italoye


You’ve had five months wasted already, you shouldn’t maintain the same unimpressive trend this month.

Engage yourself in something productive and get ready for things to return to normal.

Let me remind you that time is not affected by the pandemic and it keeps on ticking as usual.

You are getting older either you utilize this period or not. So think wise and grow rich.

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